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Business of the Month

Business of the Month

Concepte has a shout out – April 2014 Business of the Month. This is the second time we have been honored with the Business of the Month award by the Benton-West City Chamber of Commerce. We also was awarded the Business of the Year the first time. Everyone at Concepte wishes to thank all for their recognition and we will always strive to excel as a business partner.

Concepte has always been a proud member of Benton’s Chamber of Commerce and has been recognized by them as follows:

  • 2014 May’s Business of the Month
  • 2004 Business of the Year
  • 2004 October’s Business of the Month

Government Websites

We are pleased to announce our latest software program for County Governments. This powerful software allows a county to get a Internet presence at a low cost and still receive quality and a professional website. Easy to populate and each to maintain and at the right price.USABase Software                            Click Here to read more about the website software