MINUET’ is a minute recording program that provides indispensable record of deliberations for meetings of all types. Customizable templates to fit you specific needs. Fully search-able minutes with reporting to your local printer.

Normally a secretary receives the responsibility of recording minutes.  It is imperative that a knowledgeable person understands the procedures of minute taking and recording.

To help resolve the dilemma of lost notes or minutes information – the MINUET’ (minutes recording software) allows you to take the minutes live and have them reviewed for approval almost immediately after the meeting is complete. MINUET’ minimizes the necessary experience level of the recorder, thus minimizing errors of entry.

From the Agenda to the final approved set of minutes; each task is easily accomplished and no special equipment is required, only an Internet connection.

The first task is to create a meeting and select a template or create a new one. After creating the meeting, then the agenda is created. From a saved template or modifying an existing template you can add on-the-fly new additions to the agenda. Once the agenda is completed it gets approval and email out from inside the MINUET’ program.

Updates and amendments are possible to the agendas and can be sent out again to the members or others that you wish to send the agenda to.

Now you enter the minutes live during the meeting and take roll call votes and make them by name. once the meeting is over – have the authority to approve them and then these meetings can be emailed out immediately.

Closed Sessions are also handled within the meeting as well as the results are tracked separately than the normal minutes and are fully search-able. When you do a closed session review and decide to release or not to release closed session meeting; then this procedure has been simplified and sped up for you inside MINUET’ .

Best of all – MINUET’ results (the minutes) can be posted to a website for the public to be able to review. This minimizes man-hours replying to Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) request and you will just send requesters to the website and let them look them up.

MINUET’ is the right program at the right time for you.

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