COI – COVID-19 Update 3/14/2020

Concepte of Illinois

We’re Open

At this time, we have not encountered any issues related to the disease at our offices and they all remain open. If an office must close, either partially or fully, due to COVID-19 exposure we will update on Facebook and our website.

We’re Prepared

As a standard practice, our offices are regularly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected on a daily basis. Our cleaners use EPA-registered disinfectant products, which kill harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. To prevent and address any issues our team may encounter related to the disease, we’ve provided additional COVID-19 cleanliness guidelines, training and protocols and best practices.

Our company continues to monitor the outbreak through the established task force of the U.S. Government.  We review best practices, follows guidelines from the CDC and determine what measures should be taken by out company to further protect against the disease.

We will continue to share updates to you as this situation progresses. Thank you for being part of our family and stay safe!

Thank You for your understanding

Larry Christy, Director
Erick Christy, President

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