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FRCP – Email Storage

On December 1, 2006 the United States Supreme Court ratified changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). These changes shift the rules of discovery in a legal proceeding from a focus on policies for electronic records retention, disposition and preservation, to a focus on procedures that will streamline evidence presentation.

Email and storage administrators must now answer key questions such as:

  • Where is the data in question?
  • What actions were taken to preserve it?
  • How can the data be searched and reproduced?
  • Just what is the company’s established data retention/deletion policy?

With our Archiving Service your organization will comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Your archived data will be securely captured, indexed and stored with multiple copies of auditable hosted email for easy retrieval search and discovery interface.

You can quickly and easily comply with all regulations imposed on your company.

To find out more – call us at 800-267-4052 – ask for Archival Support.

Email Archiving – Common Myths

Five of the most common misconceptions
about email archiving include:

1. My industry is not regulated, so I don’t need to archive.
2. Email archiving will expose me to risk.
3. My backup system is my archive.
4. Exchange 2007 solves my email archive needs.
5. Hosted email archiving solutions are too expensive.

From the executive team to rank and file employees, email has become the enterprise filing cabinet of choice. Much more than mere correspondence, email is now used to send and store critical business documents; contracts, proposals, marketing plans, employment contracts and in general the intellectual work product of most companies. To protect intellectual property and maintain compliance with rules and regulations, email must be preserved and carefully managed.

Email archiving is no longer an optional service but a necessary component of a company’s IT infrastructure.  The failure to provide effective archiving can result in fines, lost legal battles, and the inability to survive through periods of crisis.

A recent Osterman Research Report noted that despite the many risks of ineffective archiving systems, 80 percent of organizations lacked a “true archiving” solution and 75 percent “are at risk of losing important business records contained in messaging systems.” This research report also revealed several misconceptions about email archiving that often delay the purchase and implementation of an effective email archive.

As a result, these companies are vulnerable to costly lawsuits, fines, and the cost and time necessary to search for email manually.

Concepte provides email archiving both at our server sites as well as your location. Both methods provides you with the peace of mind that if or when you are called upon to present your emails to the courts that you will be able to meet the  Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in a timely manner and at the lost cost.

Impact of FRCP on Email Retention and Archiving The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern the conduct of all civil suits brought in federal district courts. Many states have also implemented their own e-Discovery requirements based on these FRCP rules. On December 1, 2006, the FRCP was revised to include new amendments that govern the collection and production of email and electronically stored information (ESI) as evidence.

For assistance in meeting your federal requirement under the FRCP laws and regulations contact Concepte of Illinois at 800-267-4052